It’s Out!


The Stolen Child is officially available for purchase on Kindle, at the Amazon of your choosing.

US readers:

UK readers:

Canadian readers:

You can also search for the book using the title, or the ISBN (978-0-9949679-0-9).

The book is also available at, on a pay what you want schema.  Or, you can simply download it for free from Smashwords, in a variety of formats.

(The Smashwords version is undergoing some slight revisions to formatting.  If you download it now, I gather Smashwords will notify you automatically when it updates, but I’ll try to post something about it here as well, to be sure).

All versions are provided as creative commons licensed documents with absolutely no DRM whatsoever.  Kindle owners can also use the lending feature.

If you’ve read the book already, I would be incredibly grateful if you could leave a review.  It really helps to create interest.  And please, share it with your friends, pass the files around, send people to this blog, whatever.  I want people to read this and enjoy it.

The print edition is still in the works, but you should be hearing more on that soon enough, along with other possible announcements depending on how some ideas work out.

Whew.  And then it’s on to book two.  Thank you, everyone, for following with me this far.  I’m excited to see what happens next.

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