Just For Fun

We’re on hiatus this week, so no new chapter. Instead, here’s something fun; the first part of the officially unofficial (and unofficially official) soundtrack for book 1.
  • Chapter 1 (Sky) – Someone To Die For, by Belly
  • Chapter 2 (Rain) – Hunting For Witches, by Bloc Party
  • Chapter 3 (Secrets) – Intervention, by Arcade Fire
  • Chapter 4 (Tracks) – When You Were Young, by The Killers
  • Chapter 5 (Scaffolds) – Murderer, by Low
  • Chapter 6 (Circle) – Affection, by Crystal Castles
  • Chapter 7 (Shadow) – Another Tale From Another English Town, by Lanterns on The Lake
  • Chapter 8 (Lights) – Follow The Cops Back Home, by Placebo
  • Chapter 9 (Shelter) – Blake Says, by Amanda Palmer
  • Chapter 10 (Exiles) – Await Rescue, by 65daysofstatic
  • Chapter 11 (Thunder) – God of Thunder, by M83
  • Chapter 12 (Lightning) – Greet Death, by Explosions in The Sky
You can listen to the whole thing here:

4 thoughts on “Just For Fun

    1. Hmmm… Lets see if this works.

      Apparently not. Can’t seem to get Spotify to produce anything that doesn’t just turn into an embedded playlist automatically.

      But I think if you search for “The Stolen Child” it’ll come up.


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