First off, a big thank you to everyone hitting those ‘like’ and ‘follow’ buttons, here, and on twitter, facebook and tumblr.  I really do appreciate it.  And if you’re enjoying this story so far, share it around.  Get your friends involved.  Just think; you’ll get to say you were a fan before it was cool 😉

Next up, a correction; Chapter 14 was accidentally published under the title “Falling”, which is actually the title of Chapter 15 (which is why you will have seen the same chapter seem to go up twice).  Chapter 14 was actually supposed to be entitled “Conversations”.  This has now been fixed.

Finally, our actual big news item; After Chapter 16 (“Rooftops”), to be published this Friday, The Stolen Child will be taking a one week hiatus.  What’s the hold up?  Well, it’s mostly because I need a short break in the publishing schedule in order to get some pieces in place for the release of the finished book, which is going to be available through Amazon (and probably Smashwords) as an e-book, and as a print on demand physical book from Lulu.  So that’s awesome.  I’ll also be using this time to finish up the review copies which I’ll be sending out shortly after.  If you review young adult/crossover fiction, or you know anyone else who does, get in touch.

After our mid-point intermission, we’ll resume normal service on Monday the 28th with “Distance.”

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